Homes and Manufactured/Condo/Renters Insurance

Our Agency has very little cap on what limit of coverage can be written. We can insure homes worth $10k on up to $20 million. 





Auto Insurance
We cater to every driving risk in today’s real world. From Preferred, Standard to Nonstandard, All Insured’s will be handled with respect and the professionalism. All customers deserve direction and advice “some agents sometimes fail to explain.” 

Motorcycle/RV/Water Craft Insurance also available. These rates normally are some of the lowest rates I have ever seen of anything you can insure. 


Business Insurance of all types

While your current agent is out playing golf and having drinks, trying real hard to land his next big deal- It becomes apparent how you are no longer anything but just a renewal. It is real easy to forget what you pay for. We are, without a doubt, committed to what you really need in an insurance agent.


Almost any type of Business insurance risk you have we can get it done - General Liability, Vacant Land and Builders Risk Coverage, Truck Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Commercial property, Workers Comp, Tow Truck Insurance, Professional Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, Dumptruck Insurance, Semi Insurance, Bonds.


Health Insurance

We have the ability to accommodate all income brackets. Health insurance is just one of those markets that are very difficult to know when you are getting a bargain.  We work hard to make this process as easy as possible. A quote takes very little time and you will know right away whether the carrier “you choose” can get the policy written.




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