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Florida Home Insurance – It’s Still Possible to Find Coverage at a Good Price

By Ryan Richardson


Florida home insurance is getting more and more difficult to obtain and if you already have it it's getting more expensive. Hurricanes in recent years have driven up the prices that homeowners are paying for their insurance premiums. In some cases a premiums have gone up so much that some people cannot even afford to keep their homes. Many of the big-name insurance companies are not even offering new policies to homeowners.

So what's being done about this? Some concerned citizens have formed a group called H.A.C or Having Affordable Coverage. Here is a quote from their website regarding their mission statement "our mission was to return affordable property insurance without the loss of additional coverage to the homeowners of Florida." In addition to these types of grassroots efforts to combat rising costs for Florida home insurance the state has actually created their own insurance program. The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a way for Florida homeowners to get coverage but it is a last resort. This state created insurance program is required by law to charge more than private insurance companies in order to be noncompetitive. So while this helps the problem of not being able to get coverage it does nothing to help the problem of being overcharged for it.

Although a lot of the big-name companies are no longer offering new policies and are jacking up rates on existing policies there are still options available to homeowners in Florida. Some smaller companies have come in to try to fill the void left by the larger companies. These smaller companies are providing Florida home insurance to people who cannot get coverage from the larger companies and they are doing so at more competitive rates. It's getting more difficult to find good coverage at an affordable price in Florida these days but there are still options available to you if you take the time to look for them.

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